This is how cockblocking operates: You are vibing well with a guy, getting along well and all. Hes smiling at your silly jokes, resting his arm on your shoulder, holding your hand and letting it linger there...

Everything is going on pretty smoothly until his friends or yours [often uglier and without male attention] come and drag you away from him, or him away from you.

As he reluctantly goes away with them, you wail inside, knowing that your chance of getting laid just went up in smoke.

My sister, take this hankie and cry wella, because you have just been cock-blocked!

The scenario feels familiar, right? Of course that’s because whether you are a guy or babe, you probably have been in a situation like this before.

Urban dictionary’s definition of cockblocking says “when you are going to hookup with some chick and then someone (her friend, cousin, whatever) comes in and sees to it that it doesnt happen.”

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The term can be expanded to include being blocked from getting a babe to fall in love with you. The term also covers when babes stand in each other’s way to getting the .

Note that cockblocking happens intentionally or unintentionally. So there is a possibility that you might have stood in someone’s way of getting laid or getting love without even knowing it.

When people intentionally cockblock, their reasons include jealousy, being protective of the babe/guy, competition or just pure old pettiness.

It actually hurts to the bone when someone intentionally stands in your way when you are fairly certain that a babe or guy is already feeling you and is ready to give you a phone number, an Instagram handle or let you go ‘downtown' right there and then.

It goes without saying that no one loves to be cockblocked. So guys, babes, live and let live.