Put a man through a few tests before you decide to let your guard down and let him in completely.

It needs to be added at this juncture that these tests need to be subtly carried out; more like mentally ticking off what is right and what is not.

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Of course, failing some of these tests should not totally rule him out as he might just be a really good guy with just some few rough edges.

So, let's check out what the biggest six tests are:

The flirt test

This one is quite important, by the way.

You should be wary of a man whose flirtations with other women border on absurd and plain thirsty. [Thirsty is a modern/urban term which means “a form of lust or want of members of the opposite sex,” according to Urban Dictionary online]

The folks test

Better to meet his parents as reasonably early as possible. Instead of waiting till you’ve become overly enchanted and connected with each other before making that [dreaded] meeting.

What if his mother doesn’t like you? You know, something about all those mother-in-law stories you’ve heard over the years.

The friends test

Of course, you want to put a man through this test because you want to be sure he has friends, or if he’s just a loner.

If he does have friends, you want to know what kind if people they are, what they do, what they find funny.

And lastly, because by meeting his friends, you can tell a lot about a guy that he might not even realize about himself. [That ‘female intuition’ thing is not totally a myth, you know]

The home inspection

Simply because you must be aware of how a man lives. Plus you really do not know a man until you see how he lives.

The kid test

Better be quick to ask if he has kids hidden somewhere. [Especially if he is yorub… never mind.]

Remember that super-star Nigerian singer who found out one year into her marriage that her savage husband did not disclose the actual number of kids he has?

Better be inquisitive than sorry, ladies.

The French test

French here means French kissing.

Since this is such a big deal breaker for more than few women, it might be better to get this test out of the way before serious feelings get involved and you find out he can’t even kiss. [Gosh!!]

The bed test

Assuming he passes the test above

I have heard few friends express fear of ending up with a man who has a very low libido or one who’s terrible in bed.

Well, if you harbor such fears, how about a test-ride, if that’s what suits you?

I mean, you get to decide for yourself if you want to be sure of what you are getting into, or wait till you get into it first before unboxing the package.

As always, the final decision is yours.

Let us know which special tests you put a guy through before he gets to have you as his bae.

Please feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.