How does dating after 30 feel – advantageous or unfortunate?

The behavior towards single people above 30 is often too negative to be a true portrayal of what it actually feels to be seeking a relationship after 30 years.

Undue pressure, lower standards and desperation are often related more with dating after 30, establishing a well-ingrained adverse mindset in society.

But that can’t be the whole truth – it’s not even half the truth -  about dating when you’ve crossed away from your 20’s.

And here are five things that prove that just perfectly:

1. Experienced

Most times, people dating in their 30’s would had enough of dating to realise, for example, that the swept-off-your-feet kind of love is not necessarily an indication of a relationship that’s going to last. There’s hardly a naiveté in people who date at this stage.

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2. Red flags

Because they have been there before, they know fairly well when a red flag is being waved in front of them. Those red signs will be clearly seen in a partner if any exists.

3. They know what they want

There are longer games and attempts to beat around the bush and see where things go.

There’s always a clear-cut definition of what they want because they know it’s better to get a no early instead of beating around the illusion of a ‘yes’ that can be whisked away when time must have been wasted.

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4. Financial stability

There’s also the really important matter of money. By 30 and above, people would have often moved away from being penniless and dependent to being able to stand on their feet and stable in their finances.

And you know what they say about romance and finance, right?

5. Relationships instead of dating

People in this age bracket often date with intent and this is what is often misinterpreted as desperation.

The what-are-we-question always get asked before too much time is wasted and clear cut definitions would be needed.

This is because the goal for many at this stage is a relationship and commitment as opposed to the chilling and going-with-the-flow that characterizes dating in earlier years.