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Tekno gives dating advice, says women should cheat occasionally

October 19th 2016, 4:48:00 pm

After an hour of increasing fan criticism, however, the singer who suggests that all men are cheats, says he was only joking

Tekno Miles

He tells guys to specifically inform their girlfriends that it's okay to go out and cheat on them.

But we all thought cheating was wrong and should not be condoned in any sense, right?

Well, it appears Tekno believes otherwise. And here is why.

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The music sensation says men are not faithful themselves, and for this reason, women should be allowed to enjoy that same privilege. [He's obviously about the equality of sexes.]

In his exact words, "Guys, if you have a girlfriend... sometimes, you should allow your girlfriend cheat on you. Just small.

"Because we all cheat as guys. There is no way you can be with one girl. It's not possible."

The 'Pana' hit-maker goes on to confidently beat his chest few times, saying there is absolutely no guy anywhere that can tell him he does not cheat!

It is upon this logic that he bases his judgement that women should be allowed to cheat maybe once every week, preferrably on "this next thursday."

After some time and mounting criticism though, the singer releases another video, to say he had only been joking, and that women should not cheat on Thursdays. [Or ever, we suppose]

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We actually do not know what to make of the initial advice by Tekno, so we ask you to help us decide through the opinion poll.

Also, use the comments box to express your views.

Is the singer right with this statement, or is he just totally wrong to even hold such thought?

We await your responses!


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