Dear Bukky,

I recently broke up with my boyfriend he has been saying we should be friends is it a good idea? 

I still love him so much but he has told me to move on quite a lot of times since we broke up in August.

I see pictures of him with another girl on WhatsApp and he put up a date picture three days before he broke up with me.

Can the relationship be restored again? I do not want to end up depressed and obsessed but I still have the hope that we will be together again.

Can you please advise me on a way to fix things?___________

Dear reader,

I don’t think you should fix anything. This is a relationship you should not be trying to bring back. If he has started posting pictures of being with another girl before officially ending things with you, that’s disrespect. And why are you trying to get back with a man who does not respect you enough to put some distance between breaking up with you and getting someone else?

I am of the opinion that you should not try to get back with this man.

I also think you should not bother making friends with him. I mean, what friendship are you trying to make with someone you still have feelings for, but who has none left for you.

You need to take your time and get away from him as much as possible. This will help you get clarity. It will help you move on as well. Being so close to him will only leave you feeling more confused and clinging on to hopes that are fading away already.

Don’t be like that. Go out there, make peace with the idea of a life without him and look for your happiness in something [or someone] else.____________

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