Dear Bukky,

Hi actually I’m having problems with my girlfriend.

If I offend her it often takes a very long time to resolve the issue because she keeps complaining and in fact she keeps rejecting my calls.

She is very difficult to understand. I don’t know what to do._______________

Hi, reader,

How about apologizing for your wrongs as remorsefully as possible through other means?

Do you try that when things like this happen?

Apparently the ways to communicate are not limited to phone calls alone. So if you are intent on really apologizing, you’d surely find a way to do so.

In addition, I think your relationship needs a lot more communication. You can’t continue being in a relationship with someone who hides their feelings and makes it difficult for you to reach their innermost thoughts.

You need to make her see reason why talking to you about what’s pissing her off is important. Letting each other know what increases happiness and reduces stress in the relationship is a duty every partner needs to take seriously.

So apart from doing every reasonable thing in your capacity to be a good boyfriend, you also need her to tell you if she has ‘special needs’ – stuff that works for her but maybe not for other ladies.

In the end, I think communication and a  willingness to make things work is what you both need.

Improve on these and observe good changes in your relationship._______________Do you want to talk about your love life, marriage or family issues?

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