What do you think about sex and how often married couples should engage in it?

My wife – we just married 5 months ago – she thinks it should never be done more than twice a week, and that just does not sound right by me.

I feel it should be as much times as we feel like doing it. I have never argued this with her because our marriage is still very new and I do not want us having issues already.

Please what do you think – I need to hear someone else’s opinion on this.______________

The issue of sex in a marriage is something that is best left between both partners . This is because what works for couple A will most likely not work for couple B.

Nonetheless, thanks for trusting me with this info and for reaching out.

Some say and there have been some other several interesting studies and conclusions about the frequency of sex in marriages.

But like I said, this issue is dependent on the couples in question.

I feel this is particularly an issue of you having a higher libido than your wife. You will need to broach the subject to her at some point and I advise that you do it soon.

Being denied sex, or not getting it as frequent as possible will likely lead to sexual frustration and that can be avoided if you have a conversation with your wife about this.

If twice a week is not enough for you, you have to let her know – you both have to reach a compromise that works for both of you.

I think stewing in silence is the poorest way to deal with the situation. It is better to even talk about it now at the early stage of your marriage than letting grow into some uncontrollable situation.

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