The first year of marriage is usually said to be the hardest, but it looks like Aisha and Eric might just be the exception.

In this lovely, breathtaking post wedding photo shoot, the couple seem to still be very much in love with the wife looking up to her husband with adoration in her eyes and the husband smiling back at her.

While other wives start to look frazzled with the challenges of marriage, Aisha is glowing with happiness, and Eric looks like the most content husband in the world.

Even the photographer, Udim E.E, is spellbound as you can see in this excerpt from his note concerning the pair:

"After expressing my deep admiration for them, @aishatbn and her husband, @ezyra agreed for us to do a shoot and yesterday, we made some memories. Thanks to remarkable @pushiesmakeover for the facebeat. They are a truly special pair and I admire what they have. I wish everyone out there Love and Happiness."

We can not help but wonder what their secret is, while drooling over how cute this couple is.

Check them out in the gallery above.

Photo Credit:

Makeup: Pushie's Makeover @Pushiesmakeover

Photography: Udimeephotography @Udimee

Location: Lekki