Pat, a 25-year-old graduate in Benin City believes that although cohabitation could sometimes breed contempt in some relationships, its advantages outweigh its disadvantages to such extent that she would personally love to cohabit before marrying.

“I just believe it contributes largely to the knowing process. It prepares you for what you're up for,” she says.

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On the other hand, the Nigerian society, majorly for the mish mash of morals and religious beliefs, traditionally and largely frowns on couples who live together before marrying.

So to settle [kinda] this disparity in opinions, we ask what Pulse readers think about cohabiting and more people believe that it is fine for couples to live together so as to understand each other to a considerable extent before marriage.

55.6% of readers are in support of couples living together while 44.4% say it does not make sense in any way when couples do that.