If there’s anything about us millennials, it is the way we love to challenge and dare to change and subvert routine in various ways of life… including weddings, and even proposals.

While older generations stuck to their ways of doing things - they pretty much just asked in private and the daring ones slipped the ring in a glass of wine or hid them in loaves of bread! -  millennials are of course not going to roll in such basic ways.

So here’s how millennials have switched all the way from the old school ways of proposing:

1. They’re doing it at concerts

Concert goers these days get way more than they paid for because not only do they see their fav artistes perform, there’s also every likelihood that someone would propose to his bae!Whether at Gidi Fest 2017, or at Adekunle Gold of that same year, and at Kenny Blaq earlier, evidence abound to show that concerts are the new cool places for proposing to bae.

2. At religious gatherings

Because many millennials are just as religious as they are social, wedding proposals are finding their way to the house of God, too!

Don’t be surprised to experience one in your church soon.

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3. They’re hiring planners

Did you know that proposal planners are a thing? As if we don’t already spend enough on wedding planners, now people are hiring professionals to orchestrate their proposals. Check out this beautiful planned proposal by a gorgeous Nigerian couple.

4. Not asking the parents

Unlike many people in previous generations who would seek parental consent before proposing, millennials are not going out of their way to seek their boo’s parents consent before putting a ring on it.

5. They’re livestreaming

Maybe Nigerians are yet to catch up on this but it is gradually becoming a thing for millennials to stream their proposals for their followers and virtual friends online.