Weddings are arguably the most elaborately-celebrated things in the country.

The most massive turn ups, best food and booze, gorgeous dresses and every thing nice and romantic can be found at Nigerian wedding parties. Heck! Even one of the biggest movie ever made in the land is centered around this theme.

It's confirmed: we love weddings and all the glitz and fun they come with.

As much as they come with all these great stuff though, they also come with some hilariously-awkward, weird rules and occurrences.

And we list five of these practices below:

1. Town Invite

In Donga, Taraba state, when a couple exhaust the number of printed invitation cards, they make posters announcing the date, venue and time of the ceremony and paste everywhere in town so that those who could not get the original one could also attend.

It is said that it does not matter who you are, or whether you do not even know any of he couple, once see any of the posters in town, you are already

In essence, weddings there are free-for-all.

2. Touching of the groom's generator

Apparently at some Yoruba traditional weddings, brides are told you place both hands on the groom's sexual organs and pray on it.

You know, just in case the things wants to malfunction at any point during the marriage. LOL.

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3. Sharo tradition

This is one old and popular one with the Fulani's. It involves the severe whipping of a man to determine whether he's mentally and physical for the stress of marriage.

The tradition seems to be fading out now though. Thankfully.

4. Big bride prices

The eastern region of the country is well-known for the emphasis put on the high amount of bride-prices. It's a norm for gifts and bridal rites performed by the groom to cost him significant amounts of money.

Places like Owerri, Ahiazu mbaise, Mbano and some parts of Ikeduru in Imo state; Ngwa and Abiriba in Abia state; and in Anambra  state, Awka and Onitsha are also well-recognised for this.

When you consider how pretty Igbo ladies there are, though, you really wouldn't bother paying these fees, to be honest.