Wedding photographers are the wedding saviours!

Weddings come and go, the only thing that stays as a reminder of that joyous day, is your ring, the pictures taken by your wedding photographer and moments in your head.

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Common we need to give them a little pat on the head.

1. Who else would climb a tree to get the perfect shot?

2. Or be willing to take photos in this ocean with strong current.

3. Deep their legs into stagnant water [possibly bacteria infested]

4. Lie down flat.

5. Or even risk their lives to capture the perfect moments.

6. They sometimes climb on people's shoulders to capture the perfect angle.

7. Free-styling on the floor is their national anthem.

8. They climb the highest places.

9. And the weirdest places to take pictures.

10. And lastly, they defy all laws of physics.

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