In recent years, Nigerian weddings have gone beyond the solemn ceremony where family and friends come together to celebrate the love between two people - the bride and the groom.

With the help of social media and wedding blogs, 'cyber spectators' are now treated to photos of these weddings that display wealth, affluence, and "rich" love. It almost seems as if only the wealthy ones get have the "happily ever afters".

With this in mind, Kemi Odusami of O'Jumelle Hair Collection, shares her views on the matter, mentioning some Nigerian wedding bloggers who she says are guilty of glorifying expensive weddings on their platforms. Read her article below:

If you are an African woman like me between the “marriageable ages” of 18-35, and hold even a modicum of social media/blogs use, you have probably fallen victim to this rage of “social media weddings!” You know, those weddings that are planned, programmed, and executed, strategically to create the “awwww,” “damn” and “wow” factor all over Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. And if you attempt to deny your obsession or your slight intrigue in this grandeur-wedding stigma scrounging all over the internet, either you are (1) Still a Learner or (2) Living under aso rock. But don’t worry, I guarantee you there are at least over 400,000 ladies (maybe gentlemen) across the world that fall somewhere within the spectrum of pure intrigue and extreme obsession. If you don’t believe me, check the followers count of famous wedding blogs like @bellanaijaweddings, @nigerianwedding, and @weddingdigestnaija, etc.

I will be the first to admit that I was a victim to these social media weddings. What started as an innocent interest in seeing beautiful brides and blushing at the prospect of that deep, endless, forever-and-a-day type love soon grew into a repulsive obsession. It began with thinking of my wedding colors, wedding gown and veil style. It soon drifted to figuring out my décor, flower arrangements, wedding party, aso ebi colors, how many times I have to change, D.J., etc. Thanks to social media, I had also figured out my makeup artists, hair stylists, and photographer(s) irrespective of the city I decided to tie my nuptials. My friends and I even shared photo albums on iCloud where we dropped screen shots of “wedding inspirations,” from ring size, to shoes, cakes, and every minute wedding décor you can think of!!! Before I realized it, I was planning my own wedding before I even had a boyfriend or husband prospect in sight! Crazy huh?!? I will not call names, but I had single girlfriends who were setting up wedding websites and overdosing on everything wedding on Pinterest. It was almost like an unspoken competition, each bride, bride-to-be, and hopeful-bride-to-be trying to outdo the other.

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