Paranoia is what you get when you experience a kind of anxiety or fear, usually to the point of delusion and irrationality.

Paranoia raises your suspicions, fears and worries that your partner is not doing right by you, even when there is absolutely nothing that points to such wrongdoing.

In a relationship where one or both partners allow paranoia, it won't be long before arguments, fights, allegation and counter-allegations become the norm; and in soon enough the relationship will become another wreck in the relationship scrapheap.

Below we list five ways to prevent paranoia from destroying your beautiful relationship.

1. Be trusting

Regardless of how bad you were played in your past relationships, you cannot afford to get into a new relationship without trust.

It is better to be alone than get into a romantic affair and close one’s self away from trusting.

2. Learn patience

Things are not always as they seem, and without patience, you’d do things you’re not supposed to do based on suspicions that might not be true.

It is advisable in a relationship to be as patient as possible, hearing your partner’s side of the story at all times before jumping to conclusions or reacting.

3. Let your guard down

In an age where cheating and infidelity seems so rampant, it is understandable if you want to be on the lookout for any slightest sign of wrongdoing in your partner, especially if you have once been cheated on.

However, being so guarded will only get you so uptight that you won’t even enjoy the relationship. You need to realise that your partner is not out to do you dirty, except if you see signs of such wrongdoings.

Till then, let your guard down slightly, and enjoy the relationship.

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4. Let your partner be

Stories exist of boyfriends who can’t put their minds at rest when their girlfriends are out at parties or other occasions, so they call non-stop in the name of ‘checking on you,’ whereas they only want to be sure that the girl is not cheating on them with someone else.

It won’t be long before these calls become uncomfortable for the other partner who will start feeling monitored, and might develop feelings of resentment.

And resentment is not a good feeling in relationships, is it?

5. Don’t fret over social media activities

That cute girl that just followed your guy is not sleeping with him.

And because your girl commented ‘LOL’ on a couple of pictures of the same guy does not mean she wants to get down with him.

Calm down.