As important as open and honest communication is, you also need to maintain a healthy, thrilling sex life to keep a perfect bond with your boo.

Here are five ways to do so.

1. Be open

Learn to leave your reserved nature outside the bedroom. Keeping mute and trying hard to stay composed/quiet during sex will make you miss out on the opportunity to build a proper bond with your partner.

This is because sounds, expressions and vocal confirmations help your partner know what they’re doing right.

“Whether it's through words or moans and groans, you want to show that you're in the present moment with each other,” says California-based couples therapist, Mary Kay Cocharo.

2. Make your bedroom a sanctuary

Limit the amount of work you bring into the bedroom. Your bed should be an island of passion for you and your boo, not where you balance books and plan your schedule for the coming week.

All the worries you have about work and bills shouldn’t really crawl into bed with you.

Allowing that happen will only distract you and take away from your bonding time with your partner.

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3. More eye contact

The idea that eyes should be closed during kissing and other intimate moments might need to be reviewed.

“There is neuroscience that shows that when two people gaze into each other's eyes, at a close distance—say 18 or 20 inches—that the reactive part of the brain, the limbic brain, calms and allows people to experience a deeper connection,” the couples’ therapist explains.

Learn to periodically look into your partner’s eyes. Keep it at few seconds per time if you notice your partner feels shy or a little awkward when you do so.

4. Scented candles and dim lights

Over time sex loses its spark. It could really become monotonous and no longer as adventurous as it must have felt in the early days of the relationship.

But of course, you can’t let that fire go out. So in the middle of all other things you do, you need to still intentionally map out these romantic nights.

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They’ll really help in lighting up your love and sex life. And of course build intimacy.

5. It’s not always about sex

Flirtation, teasing, foreplay, affectionate words… practice these things habitually and make sure to enjoy every single moment.

This will even make sex more explosive and special. Of course, the spill over effect of that will be felt in the strength of the bond you and your partner share.