Far too many women believe that Nigerian men are not romantic.

That feeling seems quite popular with women of all scopes and classes. Remember that Simi in 2017 aired that same opinion during an interview too -  Nigerian men are not romantic.

However, a little sample of Young Nigerian women on Twitter have provided a little breath of fresh air on the subject recently.

Against the tide of 'men are scum' stories regularly shared on the app, Twitter user, Max [@MakiSpoke] shares some beautiful experiences she's had with Naija guys before inviting other women to do the same.

"Have you ever been courted properly by a Nigerian man? What's the most romantic thing he did for you?" she asks.

By God, there was a long, long thread of the kindest, most thoughtful gestures from men to women they love, each one reminding us that true romance ain't  dead just yet and that there still exists Nigerian men with whom romance and lovey-dovey stuff still resonates greatly.

So here goes; 10 cutest experiences from that thread that'll show you how romantic Nigerian men are:

1."I suffer from chronic allergies, so i sneeze a lot. My current husband once sent over a carton of my favorite super-specific tissue brand that I use.

I didn't even know he had noticed that. Things like that are more important to me than over the top gifts." - @ozzyetomi

2."He left the comfort of his home to rough it with me for a month because I was feeling super lonely (it was a long distance relationship).

"He was also very attentive and would surprise me with little gifts. It was really amazing how remembered the little things." - @FrnchKnickrs

3. Sometime last year, a particular week was the absolute worst for me, not like 2017 was really fantastic but that week was really going to take my life and I got home to this:

[No available link text]4."He cuts my nails since I met him, He cleans my shoes, He cooks for me, He takes care of me whether I'm sick or not, He believes percent in my dream and has continued to invest in me.

"He washes my hair, I cannot type it all.. We are getting married soon." - @jayameee

[No available link text]

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5."Another thing he did was coach me through this really tough interview process we were both competing for.

"The winner could get up to $30k in awards per year. I ended up getting it, at his detriment. I don't know how many people can be that selfless." - @MakiSpoke

6. “Lol this might sound lame but when we started talking seriously, there was this day we spoke late into the night and when it was about midnight he said he had to go.

“The conversation was still flowing so I had to ask why? And he said he does his devotionals everyday at midnight.

“So it's almost time. So I said ehen, am I not a Christian let's pray together nau and he said ok, get your bible and we did.

“He got me his daily devotional book shortly after and we prayed together every midnight from that day.” - Fels77

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7."He came to my hospital bed almost everyday for 3 months. Sometimes he made me laugh with his cheesy jokes, snuck me out once to go eat proper food, prayed/had regular fellowship with me.

"The best was how he just sat quietly by my bedside, whenever he met me asleep." - @moonshineee_

8."Brought home made food for me when I was sick,far from home and could barely eat.

"Gave me his jacket when he noticed the harmattan was killing and I had to walk a longer distance than he would. Volunteered to donate blood one time my dad was really ill etc I married him." - @The_Temitope

9."Throughout the [relationsh]ip, he would always open doors for me. Car doors, doors at places. Going & coming. Everytime." - @kene_co

10."He was the first and only person I got a new year gift from. He got me a customized bracelet with my tribal name encrusted on the metal plate all the way from Ghana.

"He also holds my handbag for me a lot whenever we go out.. And other things. .. I love him soooo..." - @SumayraYaqub

If anything, these stories prove that Nigerian men are more romantic than they get credit for.