Ayomide Tayo recently wrote that; “love makes the world go round and is one of the top commodities in the world.

“Love is in high demand as billions of humans are searching for love. People want to fall in love, be loved or love someone.

“The pursuit of happiness has been outrun by the pursuit of love."

However, not everyone is qualified for this race. Deciding to engage or participate will surely end in a crash.

If you are a guy and you fall in the categories listed below here, love/relationship really should not be what you want to be pursuing…  yet.

1. You want relationship benefits, but not titles

You cannot be in a ‘relationship’ with a lady and enjoy the benefits without putting a tag on it. Is she your girlfriend, or you want her for just a casual sexual relationship?

She’d want to know, and rightly so. Until you are able to define this, you should not be disturbing anyone for a relationship.

2. You just got dumped

Chances are that you are not thinking straight or that you are acting rash. It is better to give yourself time to heal and assess your situation well.

Jumping too quickly into another relationship after a breakup isn’t always a wise thing to do.

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3. Job and financial situation in shambles

It’d do you a whole lot of good if you fix this situation before looking for love. Really.

4. Mummy’s boy

You need to look for a way to detach yourself from mummy’s apron first.

No woman wants the stress of dealing with you and your mum. I mean, isn’t  it enough stress dealing with a man alone without having to worry about his mother, too?

5. Jealousy and temper

Your anger and jealousy is way too much, you need to cut it. If you don’t you’have no business thinking of a relationship, really.

You will only probably ruin it with one of the two.