There is a kind of attitude that comes with being young, being free and not having so much to care about.

You ball hard, love deeply, live freely and party wildly.  Life couldn’t be better in those moments… you wish it’d never stop.

But the truth is no one lives forever, no one is forever young.

As you grow older, you should get better in all things. Your relationship experiences should have taught you quite a lot and you should now know better.

At that stage, you should have become a more considerate affectionate lover and your choices in partners should have become better because you now know better.

At age 30, these are the kind of partners you can no longer afford to be with:

1. The partner who isn’t invested or concerned about your life, career and things you hold dear.

2. The partner who never has any positive thing to say about anything; whose outlook on life is of serious pessimism.

3. The partner who always says the most stupid and hurtful things about your weight

4. The one you just couldn’t ever trust, no matter how hard you tried.

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5. That parasitic partner who always has something to ask but never to give or share with you.

6. The one who somehow looks for a way to always you feel bad/stupid about your choices.

7. That one who tries to totally alienate you from friends and family so as to have you for just themselves.

8. The lover who is always trying to change you.

9. The one who still hasn’t learnt to manage funds wisely without assistance.

10. At 30, you should not be considering a relationship with a guy/babe who is still mummy or daddy’s boy/girl.

11. The partner who is never ever there for you.

12. The one who hasn’t gotten a proper handle of his temperament.

13. Stay away from that ex who has repeatedly treated you like shit over the years but you still find yourself unable to hate.

14. The friends-with-benefits man/woman you always run to when you and your partner have issues. It’s time to let go of them for good.

15. At 30, stability and commitment should be top of your priorities in your love life.

Anyone who cannot guarantee that should be left in your past where you were young, wild and free.

Those days are gone now, you should let those people go, too.