Sex is an integral part of marriage, so it becomes a problem when couples realise that their sex life is dying or completely dead.

There are certain factors that could cause such issues to arise in marriage and there are ways they can be solved.

According to Ebony, here are things to do if you want to renew your sex life with your partner:

1. Seek medical help for physiological conditions

2. If the issue is psychological, seek therapy

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3. Build intimacy by communicating, it doesn't have to be anything serious. Just talk!

4. Your sex night should be planned and should be top priority. Spontaneity only worked when you were younger.

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5. Retrace your steps back to old times. A little reminiscing about the past will do much more for your sex life.

6. If you can write, try scribbling a dirty story for once. Put your feelings and fantasies into paper.

7. Leave your sexual comfort zone. Try sex something new and exciting.

8.Try to relax, especially when you are stressed. It helps your sexual energy.