How do you make the best of a relationship when your woman’s desire for sex is way up above yours?

This is a question most guys would be unfamiliar with; because it appears in many instances that it is guys who are uninhibited in pursuing sexual desires while women are more laid back.

Edward O. Laumann, PhD, a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago says;

"The majority of adult men under 60 think about sex at least once a day [while] only about one-quarter of women say they think about it that frequently."

So what we have is an almost unique, not-so-common situation.

So if you find yourself in a relationship with a babe whose sexual desires outclass yours, no need to panic.

Here are five ways to make things work in that relationship.

1. Don't be too shy to admit it

It is expected for men to be the more sexually proactive in the relationship. So it might be difficult to admit that your girl's sexual drive is way up above yours.

But for there to be no undue tension and frustration, you have to admit it to yourself at some point -  and the sooner the better - that your girl's libido outdoes yours.

2. Talk about it

Once you can admit this to yourself, talking about it with her should be no problem. Honest communication helps in almost every relationship situation.

You get to know what she thinks, what she expects, which changes you'd need to make and what you can both do to ensure that problems from the bedroom never spread and cause tension in the relationship itself.

At least, she knows when you're saying no it's not because you do not find her attractive or that you have been getting it from someone else.

3. Improve

Think about it, if roles were reversed and you were the one whose sexual needs were not being met accurately, what would you have her do -  dismiss your complaints or try to, at least improve?

Of course, the latter is what you'd want. So do for her what you'd expect her to do for you.

However you should know you can't kill yourself to make this happen or put your health on the line.

Performance enhancing drugs are not the way forward. Eat healthy, exercise more, drop bad habits that may dampen your libido and just generally step up your game as much you reasonably can.

The key word here being reasonably. Your lady actually deserves that much.

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4. No silly remarks

While relationships are better when humour thrives, be careful not to joke around this because for many women, it could be a sensitive issue.

Don't randomly joke with comments that'll make her feel insecure or some type of way about her sexuality.

It often takes a lot to have women [especially the Nigerian ones] to explore the fullness of their sexuality. If she's on that level with you already, don't kill her vibe with your words because you can't match up.

5. Words of affirmation

Quite predictably, if your remarks are not to be silly and dispiriting, it means you have to always gas her up.

Women who have high drive for sex and allow it find expression with you aren't as much as those who still approach sex and their sexuality coyly.

So when you find one whose sexuality is fluidly being expressed, even if it outmatches yours, you should complement her and use a lot of words of affirmation with her Instead of words that'll put her down for being so gingered to do sexual things with you.