A bride was heartbroken after her mum died of a heart attack four days to her wedding day despite moving up the date so her dad who's also dying could be part of the ceremony.

32-yr-old Kelly Galt now wants a second wedding but this time, under happier circumstances after she spent the first one awaiting the postmortem results for her 56-yr-old mum, Pauline.

Galt, a mum-of-two and her 42-yr-old husband Alan, decided to bring their wedding forward to last March after they discovered her dad Robert had terminal cancer, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Kelly said: “Last year my dad got penile cancer and he had an operation and we thought it was okay at that stage.

“I was a home carer at the time and I went to my dad’s neighbour and she said ‘I don’t think he is telling you the truth’ and that’s when my husband rang him and he told us it was terminal.”

Determined to be walked down the aisle by her dad, Kelly and Alan urgently planned a wedding to be held five weeks later.

But just four days before the big day, Kelly woke up to the devastating news her mum had died suddenly in her sleep.

Kelly said: “It was all going well until that Monday morning before the wedding when I woke up and had ten missed calls, and then my husband told me that my mum had died.

"I had the shock of my life.

“When it came to the wedding, I didn’t know what to do.

"I still wanted to do it for my dad, but I also didn’t want to go through with it because my mum wouldn’t be there.”

Kelly then made the agonising decision to go ahead with the wedding so her dad could walk her down the aisle before he passed away.

Mum to 4-yr-old Lacy, and 2-yr-old Louis, Kelly then spent her wedding day awaiting the post mortem results and dreading the upcoming funeral.

Kelly said: “It was just a big black cloud over the day and I kept looking at my dad who was just withering away too.”

Looking back at her big day, which she dreamed of being the happiest of her life, Kelly said she only feels guilt at going ahead with the wedding.

She said: “My husband had to deal with me all day, and I just feel so guilty. I felt guilty my mum wasn’t there.