Save the date! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter, Carrissa Sharon, has announced the date of her wedding with Phillip Frimpong, the love of her life!

The wedding announcement was made on Facebook page 'We Love CSO.' on July 1 2018.[CSO is the initials of the preacher's kid -  Carrissa Sharon Oyakhilome]

"CSO Weds Phillip. Save the date... 6th Oct 2018"  the announcement reads.

The wedding will happen in Lagos, one year after the couple's engagement was announced by the bride's mum, Pastor Anita Schafer on Facebook.

The joyful mum posted a picture of the pretty Sharon holding a bouquet beside the love of her life when she made the announcement in 2017.

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“Congratulations to my daughter and son-in-law to be.

What makes marriage beautiful is when two become one flesh, inseparable and always enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company,”  the former wife of Christ Embassy’s head Pastor wrote.

As we look forward to what is expected to be a lovely wedding, let's send our cheery congratulations to the pretty couple. All the best from Pulse Weddings.