The wedding day is the D-day! Its one of the biggest days for a bride. Months or weeks of preparations finally come to a close on this day and you want everything to be so perfect. But here are some tips on what to avoid on your special day.

1.) Negative people

Your wedding has to be perfect right? But sometimes it ends up a big disaster thanks to these group of people who are  just there to annoy you.  Negative forces may pop up into your mind to steal away your joy. But no matter what, every bride should shut themselves away from such individuals, thoughts or events and focus on the event at hand.

2.) Di-minute preparations

Every bride should avoid last-minute errands on your wedding day. It shouldn't be on your wedding day that the tailor is asking for balance payment or the event planner is still asking for your choice of flowers or guests seats. Leave all these di-minute errands for the wedding planner and just concentrate on your damn wedding. A bride is supposed to be as calm as possible minutes before she walks down the aisle to meet her groom.

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3.) Heavy and oily meals

You must have been for several dress fittings before your big day so please do not allow your crave for garri, semovita, wheat, amala, porridge yam, oily soups,  etc to ruin your wedding look. You have to be the perfect princess not a bride whose stomach can't stay tucked in because of food. Avoid heavy meals, You can go light with noodles, bread and tea, cereals or rice.  It's never funny to suffer from a stomach ache on your D-day.

4.) Arguments

No bride should spend her last minutes as a single woman quarrelling with anybody. Exchanging words with family members, your bride maids, the cook, your friends, the photographer etc will only upset you and put you in a bad mood on the happiest day of your life. Instead, you could spend your few minutes saying a quite prayer or laughing with your maid of honor.

5.) The groom

As they say, its ill luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. Keep him away. Give him the best surprise with your beautiful-ness when you show up on the aisle.

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