The best thing about this country, as most of Europe is that your next destination is only a train ride away.

Transportation is easy and that makes exploring even easier. You can take a train ride to these cities, and even other cities outside of France itself.

Here are three cities you need to visit while in France:

1. Paris:

Of course you definitely must visit Paris. What's a trip to France without enjoying the capital, home of the Eiffel and the city of love?

There is an endless list of beautiful sights to behold in the equally beautiful city. There are also tons of tourist attractions and musuems.

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2. Avignon:

There's nothing that says you shouldn't visit down south, on the contrary, everything says you must. Avignon, along the western edge of Provence is just a few hours away from Paris, the French capital by bullet train.

The small town has gorgeous lavender fields, as well as the famous Pont Saint-Bénézet bridge. The interesting bridge stops smack in the middle of Rhone River.

3. Versailles:

The amazingly beautiful sight of the Palace of Versailles is enough reason to visit this city. It is a few bus and train rides away from Paris, but it is worth every single mile.

The old architectural style is amazing and fascinating.  The palace and gardens would probably take a day to tour but you'd love every minute of it.