1. Lake Tanganyika:

Lake Tanganyika is the longest lake in the world, and the world’s second deepest lake. The lake touches Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo, giving tourists and residents of these countries a chance to experience its boundless beauty.

2. Lake Victoria:

Lake Victoria is the largest tropical Lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa by area; its shores span through Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Lake Victoria drains solely into the River Nile. Incredible views of the sunset and sunrise can be glimpsed from different locations by the lake.

3. Lake Nakuru, Kenya:

Lake Nakuru found in Kenya’s Rift Valley region is well known for flamingos. When viewed from afar, the lake takes on a pink hue, due to the presence of these flamingos.

The landscape around the lake are breathtaking and any lover of nature would love it.

4. Lake Retba, the Pink Lake of Senegal:

Lakes are generally known to have turquoise or blue waters, but Lake Retba in Senegal is pink. The lake has a high salinity content which attracts Dunaliella salina bacteria, which is where the pink colour comes from. The river's shades of pink and mazing views are like no other.

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5. Lake Naverone, South Africa:

Located on the foot of Southern Drakensberg in South Africa, Lake Naverone is an amazing vacation spot. Several lodges around the area offer great views of the serene and tranquil lake.

6. Lake Sale, Comoros:

Lake Sale and its beautiful turquoise waters is described as bottomless salt lake. Set in a great location and surrounded by beautiful landscape, the overall effect is stunning.

7. Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe:

The beautiful Lake Kariba is set in an amazing scenery. It is also a great destination for nature lovers who want a getaway. Different lodges by the lake offer a variety of interesting activities.