The sultry star stunned in a cover picture, shot by the world class photographer,  Ty Bello, putting just her beautiful face on full display. The rest of the spread included dramatic dresses, old school themed sets and more dramatic looks.

The new mother who just released her latest album, RED, to great reviews looked simply amazing as he discussed her faith, inspiration, career and being a new mother.

According to Bello; “I had built some black panels to create an enclave for Tiwa to stand in.I wore my clothes inside -out ready to quickly paint the panels into what ever Colors worked with the clothes when they arrived . ... And arrived they did.. A beautifully curated set of outfits that interpreted everything we had discussed.. But ALL IN BLACK!.. I had been silent about color when we pre planned to keep things fluid... But I understood that black was very versatile but sometimes difficult color to build a story on and I had to make a creative decision on my approach .

I chose to shoot everything as they were. It became clear to me that I was going to have to 'FAITH-IT' with this shoot...This is how life is...Not very predictable and sometimes we have to DECIDE to SEE the beauty when it's not so obvious . So what ever color life is serving remember @tiwasavage and that Faith always makes new options ... CALL out the red ...CALL out the green .. And all the colors in between...”!

To read the full interview and get more to see all the pictures in print, pick up a copy of Thisday Style magazine.


Photography: Ty Bello

Makeup: Bimpe Onakoya

Hair: dfalanaartistry

Styling: Kessiana Thorley

Interview: Duchess Kaykay