Have you picked out tomorrow’s outfit yet or still stuck with making those choices? We know how last minute shopping can get so we have a few pointers for you:

Make sure your Christmas outfit isn’t too body hugging, cleavage bearing, nothing overbearing; remember we are headed to Church and even if not; it’s the season to celebrate Jesus Christ; it’s all about Him but of course we have got to look good for Jesus; so let’s do this modestly.

Nothing overly sheer: Of course we can rock the lacy trend but you don’t want to go all sheer. Let’s save those for later in the day/movie night *wink*

Let’s do ‘below the knee’ for a change; the midi dresses can replace the super short dresses. Let’s rock the midi trend fabulously!

Absolutely no bandage dresses. We know how much we love our bandage dresses; let’s put them ‘on hold’ for Christmas-it’s just for a day- we can live with that right?

In all Christmas is the time of the year to be merry, eat, rest, sleep, pray, love and be fabulous!. Have a Merry Merry Christmas, enjoy the season.

Hope you like the Christmas day dress inspirations for you.