Your alarm goes off and after tossing and turning in your bed over the tiff you and bae had last night you are NOT in the mood today.

The first thing you do is reach over to your nightstand to see what’s happening on the gram as well as check your messages.

From the countless irrelevant app messages, your eyes zero in on your main boo’s text message.

You are already anticipating the Ï’m Sorry, I was so wrong you are right blah blah blah….” and your smug face instantly makes an appearance…Unfortunately it turns out its Man  1 - Woman 0, he ends up texting that this relationship isn’t working for him and that you guys need to take a break.

The ideas of what could’ve possibly gone wrong start racing through your mind.

The next few days go as follows: sleep, eat, weep, complain...***RepeatAfter the 10 or 15 day you realize your bestie is throwing a major soiree in a week’s time, and you know for sure he is going to be there.

It is now time to brainstorm, WHAT DO I WEAR TO THIS PARTY?!?! All you know is whatever outfit you choose you want him to be drooling over you while he realizes that he made a huge mistake.

WLS has got 4 dresses to make him wish he had that old thang back:

Lace is always sexy and classy, in this white number he’ll be stuttering over his words as he tries to spark up a convo with you.

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Leopard print is always fierce! As you enter the room all eyes (especially his) will be on you!

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A bodycon dress is ALWAYS a good idea! You’ll feel ultra sexy and super confident in your curves

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A red dress is always subtle yet sultry, in this flaming red number you can expect that “hey stranger” text by the end of the evening Shop Here

At the end of the day the main point is to bounce back and know that you are all that AND a bag of chips, with or without a partner. You just go girl!

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