The fabulous world of Instagram…were everything is not as it seems (or is it?) Don’t you ever wonder how some people have tons of followers and others don’t?

Let us be the first to tell you..there are levels to this! Do you fall into that category of giving so much to the gram, but the gram ain’t giving you enough back i.e likes, follows and comments, well fear not and say no more! We the good people at We Love Style are here to help, because we are nice like that.

Here are some Instagram techniques on how to up your Gram game:

1. Balance out your follower to following ratio

This is more or less like an unspoken rule on the gram. When you have 171 people followers and then are following 1234 people…you automatically look unattractive to follow!

Apart from the fact that you look like a bloody stalker, people will assume you wouldn’t mind them not following you since you are follow finger happy! Follow less people than are following you, so 200 followers to 90 following is a good distance, and you look so much more attractive to follow!

2. Clear & Bright Images

No one’s going to like a picture that they can’t really see. Make sure you have the right type of lighting, and make sure you are facing the direction of the light not backing it! Avoid blurry pics like the plague.

3. Say No To Time-line floods!

A pic a day on your Instagram is fine…two or three spread out through out the day is also pretty good too…posting 20 pictures back to back is not going to gather as much momentum as one picture would, especially when it comes to likes!

So unless you are Beyonce please don’t try this at home! It can be pretty annoying and you are more likely to get more unfollows than likes.

3. Hash-tag Appropriately

Hash-tagging appropriately can get you quite an amount of likes! Say your make up game is on fleek and some light hit you at the right angle in your selfie…hashtags like #selfie #makeup #facebeat can work wonders and get you some random likes from individuals that search the hashtag.

Or maybe your outfit is on point? Hashtags like #fashion #ootd #instafashion would definitely get you some likes and possibly some followers.

4. Apps & Filters

Along with the gram comes loads and loads of apps that complement it. Are you looking to make your picture the perfect size for Instagram? Apps like Instasize help you fit it into the gram box.

Lucky for us, Instagram has started letting you put boxes of any dimensions so scratch that! Stitch your pictures with apps like Photogrid (which also have their own filters) and awesome filters can be found on VSCO Cam. Never over-filter your photos! Your followers can tell…

There you have it…some little tips that we will swear by! Try it out and thank us later *wink

We would love to read your opinions in the comments section below.

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