A lady's wardrobe should be filled with staples that should be universal and one that stands the test of time.

Investing in basic wardrobe staples make for a versatile closet as you can mix and match items and not look out of place.

It's important to own pieces that are not trendy, that wont go away one season but ones that will transcend seasons, this way fashion items and rocked and re-rocked over and over.

Investing in timeless/classic pieces also doesn't necessarily have to break the bank. From the basic white tee, to the black (or white) boyfriend/tailored blazer, the leather/bomber jacket for more adventurous ladies to add the edgy feel to an outfit.

A white shirt is also a must have for ladies, as it can be styled in any way seeing as it's intensely versatile, the Little black dress (an all time favourite) is also a must own amongst other things.

The black vest, the LWT (little white dress) and more made the list...Style blogger Shirley B. Eniang is showing ladies must have wardrobe staples, you should watch for tips above.