1) Tuck In

Tuck your top in with the right pants/jeans and top and heels/flat and use a belt. This accentuates curves or make you look curvier. There are fashionable ways to tuck in these days not the old boring kind of 'school girl tuck in'!

2) Use A Belt

Wearing a belt while tucked in or over a top gives a nice silhouette, the belt cinches the waist and gives an illusion of a curvy or curvier shape.

3) Heels

It is wise to choose the right pair of shoes when trying to accentuate your curves naturally. For example, if you’re straight-figured, go with flats; by lowering your height, you appear curvier , if you have a fuller figure throw on a pair of heels, adding height makes you appear slimmer.

4) Wear The Right Pair Of Jeans

Opt for jeans that fit your frame,  for instance If you have a straight up and down figure wear more flares and bell bottoms instead of skinny jeans this will naturally give a curvy impression. If you are curvy you can wear a skinny jeans or flared that sits high up your waist but in your size, it helps accentuate your waist line in a good way.

5) Be Colour Smart

Choosing the right color can make you look more or less curvy. For example, gray and black colours create a slimmer impression while whites and brighter colours enhance curves for bottom pieces.