Fashion doesn't necessarily apply to ladies alone, men's fashion rock too. The reason we love men's fashion is because of the straight- to- the- point, no fuss attitude it comes with; with a man there is no fuss just clean, crisp fashion notes.

As much as a guy's closet can be straight to the point, there are essential items he should have in his wardrobe.

For a man, these shirts are absolutely necessary. And by all means, ladies you are allowed to dress your men up!

1.The Stripped Polo Shirt is the go to understated fashion that can rock almost any social outing.

2.  The Print teeis one that comes in handy for dressing down, they are the go to for quick visits and grocery runs with the girl.

3.The check is the glamorous shirt guys dress up when heading to an event; where they intend to impress.

4.The Classic White Shirtis the classic work look especially for guys in formal work environments, they are the crisp, neatly dry cleaned, sweet smelling shirts we love in their closets, yeah those expensive ones!

5.The black tee. A guy's wardrobe is incomplete without a basic black tee shirt!

6.The stylish Black tee (with details). A guy's wardrobe is incomplete without a stylish black tee shirts, these are the ones with little nice details, its essentially a fab version of the basic black tee!