Stress is almost a part of our life, it comes often as a result of our busy lifestyle, from waking up early to get to work, to the actually work/expectations, to meeting deadlines while thinking about paying the bills, juggling relationships between self, siblings and so on…

Stress has become a lifestyle and it not consciously managed, could result in a lot of health complications which we don’t want.

We should try as much as possible to practice habits that helps relieve stress; rests/power naps, actual sleep, healthy eating and so on. As a way of managing stress this quick tip comes in handy:

Green Juicing


Green Apples





Ginger root


Wash all ingredients thoroughly

Blend all the ingredients together .

Mix the blend thoroughly.

Take this often to relieve stress and also maintain a healthy skin as well as a very strong immune system.

Give it try and tell us what you think!