Skin blemishes are easily one of the most frustrating things to deal with especially when we don't have a clue as to why its happening (apart from period breakouts/hormone changes). Most times they are actually caused by things we don't count as important, thankfully they can be fixed

1. Your Makeup Brushes

Your make-up brushes are the number one suspect when you are experiencing break outs, you should clean your brushes often.

2. Your Moisturizer

It might just be your moisturizer! As much as possible use oil free moisturizers with SPF and the fact that our girlfriends use a certain moisturizer and suits their skin doesn.t necessarily mean same will be said for us. It is important to find a daily moisturizer that works and wont cause break outs.

3. Loading Up On Caffeine

Taking too much caffeine causes breakouts apart from actually not good for our health. Too much caffeine alters estrogen levels/ stimulate adrenals causing excess cortisol to pump out of the body to deal with internal stress which isn't helpful to the skin!

 4. Stress

Busy schedule, poor eating, less sleep, inactive lifestyle (exercise-wise) and so on can actually cause break outs. Maintain a balanced lifestyle as much as possible.