People usually end up eating much more sugar than they need causing major health issues.

There's no disputing that the body needs sugar but most people go overboard with sugar  recommended for a healthy diet because in the present day, sugar is present in almost everything!

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There are lot of health issues tied to unregulated consumption of sugar/diet loaded with sugar but these ones stand out:

1. Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Studies have shown that consumption of sugar loaded diets increases the risk of a type 2 diabetes.

2 Weight Gain

High consumption of sugar is a known cause of excessive weight gain, which happens when the body stores it as fat.

3. Heart Problems

The fructose in sugar is a major cause of heart problems as its known to spike up insulin levels and shrink the artery which causes major harm to the heart.

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4. Liver Problems

Continuous intake of sugar harms the liver. The liver overproduces lipids when sugar consumption is high, this makes it overwork itself and eventually 'break down'.

5. Poor Oral/Dental Health

Constant sugar intake leads to tooth and gum decay, bad breath and cavities. Sugar also erodes the enamel as a result of bacteria turning fructose to lactic acid!

As much as possible, sugar consumption should be reduced to the barest minimum