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The body has the capacity to do mindblowing/almost impossible things that can only but dazzle, from the stomach to the kidney to the skin giving off heat enough to boil water, a man's testicle capable of populating the entire earth and more!

Check out five amazing things via you didn't know the body is capable of:

1. The digestive acids in the stomach is very strong that it can dissolve zinc! The reason it hasn't 'burned' the stomach inside out is because the cells in the stomach lining are renewed so quickly that the acids don't have enough time to dissolve it.

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2. A male testicles is enough to birth an entire planet in six months! This is because a man's testicles are able to manufacture 10 million new sperm cells every living day!

3. The kidney each contains at least 1 million filters, filtering about 2.2 pints of bood every minute and expelling about 2.5 pints of urine per day.

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4. The female ovary has close to five hundred-thousand egg cells but just about 400 will get to create a new life!

5. The whole human body emits enough heat to boil half a gallon of water in 30 minutes!