Black soaps are generally overrated or maybe used to be before now.

For those who know, black soap is the purest and one of the most effective product for the skin.

Black soap comes in different ways; they could be from the local markets in containers or even nylons (its important to be sure of the source so one doesn't end up with mixed chemical instead of black soap)

One of the best black soap to try out is 'Dudu Osun'. The soap is simply packed in a box with sheer detailing cut out on the pack.

Black soap is derived from a Yoruba word 'Dudu' (which means black). The reason 'Dudu Osun' is brilliant is its a cleanser and exfoliator all wrapped in one.

The first time I used 'Dudu Osun' I had tingly feeling all over my body with a harsh (almost dryness) feeling afterwards but based on the reviews/feedbacks from people I decide to give it a try all over and now it's perfect.

It contains natural ingredients like pure honey, Shea Butter, camwood, palm kernel oil, Aloe Vera, Lime juice, water which all makes brilliant combination for a brighter and greater skin.

The best thing about 'Dudu Osun' is it works well for use all over the body as well as the face and the hair! It's unbelievable nourishing, intensely cleansing and actually moisturizing.

'Dudu Osun' also has a revitalizing/refreshing scent (or is it just me) that deeply feels the senses. This soap works well to clear up acne and any form of blemishes, close pores and more.

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The soap lathers up and deeply cleanses but it melts just as easy (just about the only downside to it) It comes cheap as well at under N200. I really can go on and on!

If you are looking for a good soap, brilliant for the skin, facial skin inclusive then by all means 'Dudu Osun' is a must try. Thank me later