Did it ever occur to you that every bare chested, six packed male that you have drooled over, had to jump hoops to look that way or get that role?

As women, we are quick to criticize about the media's stringent beauty standards. We go on and on about Photoshop fails and one-size-fits-all runway models, but men face a similar if not harder challenge.

Just like the ideal body type and skin tone for women varies from country to country, males are put up against different standards for their outer appearance across the world.

For example, UK gents are more likely to have tattoos, while South Korean men have regular makeup and skin care regimens. On the other hand, Brazilian dudes are into plastic surgery just as much as women.

BuzzFeed highlights them all in this fact-driven video.

Funny enough, a lot of the statistics show that men are put up against just as much pressure from the media to look a certain way.