Album - MMMArtiste - MC GalaxyRecord Label - MCG Empire (2017)Duration- 63 minutes

Remember that popular Ponzi scheme of 2016 that capitalized on the desperation of recession hit Nigerians to scam people and disappear with cash from over 3 million Nigerians which ran into a whooping N18 billion?

Well we have that again happening right in front of us all. This time it appears in the shape of the loud, and slightly obnoxious musician, MC Galaxy. The Akwa-Ibom state native who has had a very inspirational tale of hustle to get to this point has never been a musician, but he is flashy and makes such a loud noise, that it’s hard to not get interested by all of that activity.

But the moment you commit your money to buy any of his projects or pay for his music, you instantly recognize that you have made a monumental error. You will get the same sick and silly feeling which enveloped all of the people who were victims of MMM. Sorry.

Just like the Ponzi scheme, MC Galaxy has captured the hearts of many Nigerians by initially offering hit songs ‘Sekem’, and ‘Nek unek’. And that’s all he needed to rise high and capture mainstream recognition. He released his debut album “Breakthrough” in 2015. And two years later he is bent on pulling off an encore.

But it has been downhill from there…musically. While he appears to have made a personal fortune, and had his music reach international producer, Swizz Beatz, who briefly worked with him, he has long been found out as a hollow artist with very little by way of artistry.

That’s why his second album is empty, and has neither hype nor substance. MC Galaxy is a makeshift musician; a hustler who gravitated towards recording music, and has refused to move on.

“MMM” album starts with a discordant intro by comedian Kenny Black, before it plunges into depths of poor music. MC Galaxy understands that he lacks artistry, and so leans heavily on hard-hitting and loud beats to overcompensate. Masterkraft did a fine job on ‘Chap chap’, but it’s all for nothing, as Galaxy ruins everything he touches. Krizbeatz produces coupe decale material on ‘Selemose’, but even that is muddied by the singer.

But if you can survive and hang on to life long enough to get deep, you will find Sarkodie doing his most to uplift spirits on ‘Go gaga’, and listen to Swizz Beatz’s most questionable career decision on ‘Sekem’ remix.

And then you can log off, with the sad, nagging, negative emotion from your brain. You have been scammed by MC Galaxy’s “MMM.”

But you have to grudgingly respect MC Galaxy for effort. This is his second album. While there are reservations about the quality of his music, you still would give him credit and applause for rolling up his sleeves and releasing another album. He has more projects than Tekno, Ycee, Kiss Daniel, Cynthia Morgan, Adekunle Gold, and Falz. See it from that angle and you could cut him some slack.

But the music is a scam. One that is almost unforgivable.

Rating: 2/5


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