Indie power vocalist and songwriter, Gogowe releases to the visuals to her electrifying single, ‘I no send’.

The video for ‘I no send’ was shot by Mex Films, in Lagos, Nigeria. The visual is significant for the dance folks, as Gogowe shows various angles with which she can utilise her svelte figure for entertainment.

Gogowe started her music journey as early as 4 years old, playing the piano and performing all through her nursery, primary and secondary education.

She went on to study Theatre and Film at Emory University in Atlanta, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Film and media production at the New York Film Academy, in Burbank, Los Angeles, California.

Gogowe’s music style is versatile. Although she has recorded about fifteen songs, she has released three afro inspired tracks so far: “Waka", “Stand Up”, and “I No Send”.

Watch the visual for ‘I no send’ below.