The day eLVeektor's music will be bland will never come. If 'B4dsonshine' was a precursor to the acclaim he now gets as an emerging artist and 'B4Dsonset' was his declaration of hunger to get that acclaim, 'Nsibidi I' was the first showcase of eLVeektor's talent.

B4dsonshine was a manifesto to success that discussed a journey, but Nsibidi 2 is a story of identity and heritage which eLVeektor is proud of. He is Igbo and he wears his on his chest like an 'S' for Superman. The project is as personal as it is political and symbolic.

Speaking with veteran Nigerian pop culture journalist, Ayomide Tayo's Naija Times, eLVeektor says, "I wanted to address the world on the 30th of May (Biafra Remembrance Day) to reiterate the history, philosophical growth and well-being of being an Igbo man in the divided (post war) Nigeria and how to come right back up."

He also tells Naija Times that Nsibidi 2 is, “The South-Eastern way of writing long before western civilization.

ELVeektor uses Nsibidi 2 to tell the story of the resilient modern Igbo mentality by building from two points of pain, which now form part of the Igbo aesthetic. Call it justification, if you will. The most important thing is the documentation oozes.

Igbo Landing was the 1803 mass suicide by Igbo men in Dunbar Creek, Pennsylvania, America. Instead of submitting to a life of slavery for themselves and their children, they ended their own lives in a fit of bravery, informed by a strong sense of self-esteem and self-awareness.

The Asaba Massacre was a low point of the civil war, from which the Nigerian zeigeist has never healed because due discussions have never been held and responsibility has never been accepted. After the civil war, the contemporary Igbo spirit of entrepreneurship was heightened off resilience and a need to excel.

Before the civil war broke out, the Igbo were on their second wave of western-trained professionals as much as the Yoruba. They were never built for second-rate life. While education is still a part of the Igbo fabric, it became a long shot for many after the events of the Nigerian civil war.

It shaped the mentality of a people and that mentality became jet fuel, on which every Igbo person is flying at stealth mode. The Igbo were so defined by the Nigerian civil war that Hi-life rock bands started making Psychedelic Rock - a reflection of their inner conflict and trauma.

Despite the individuality, the Igbo are subconsciously woven together by a shared ideology off a history of shared struggle that even the unborn Igbo knows. It's about money and gratification. To exemplify these cultural elements on two Nsibidi 2 tracks, 'GAP' featuring Barzini and 'Isee,' eLVeektor talks like an eyewitness on 'Onye Akaebe.'

'Isee' is the manifesto that seems like a chronological effect of events like the Igbo Landing. On it, eLVeektor discusses the importance of hustle and the need of a united Igbo spirit, regardless of your state of origin.

On the hilarious side, while highlighting the 'Chinese' and 'Lagos' hustle of Igbo, he fires shots at the Nigerians who have gotten defined by the comfort of political power, instead of teaching their people about survival. 'Isee' means amen in Igbo. Whatever it is, just say, 'Isee' alongside eLVeektor, the prayer is also for you.

On 'GAP,' Barzini and eLVeektor rap that, "If it's not about money, give me space..." But at the end of the day, eLVeektor is not militant, he roots for peace on, 'Udo.' But while 'Udo' speaks about peace, it's also a story of defiance on which eLVeektor vows to reject derisory treatment that could bring him discomfort.

Final thoughts

Creatively, this project has no flaws. But by execution, its tracklist could have been better as;

Igbo Landing

Onye Akaebe

Asaba Massacre


Obi Nwanne



This way, eLVeektor could have merged sonic cohesion with chronological storytelling. The struggle and pain that informed the hustle could have ended with a plea for care and to the need for peace.

Nsibidi 2 makes me proud to African. It also makes me proud to love Hip-Hop because this is what Hip-Hop - a genre birthed off struggle and pain - is about. By gleaning subgenres like Go-Go, Boom Bap, Ratchet Music and more, eLVeektor submits a manifesto to Hip-Hop for substance.

This is Hip-Hop. It is attractive. It is unrepentant.

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7.7 - Champion