Dear Wizkid,

It saddens my heart that your long-awaited sophomore album should leak before the due release date. After an eternity of recording, calculated branding, A&R input and packaging, the album had to fall into the wrong hands.

“Ayo” your album in my opinion is a classic, and deserves better treatment. Kudos to your team for making a copy immediately available on iTunes. The damage is currently being controlled and utilised for greater success; You are number one in Nigeria, 37 in the UK, 95 in the US and 52 in SA.

But to prevent further leakage of your precious materials, and to aid other artistes who have fallen to similar wickedness, here are 6 ways your album might have leaked.

There you have it, Wizkid, at all or any of these points, your album might have taken a bit of a movement into the wrong hands, or a team member might have sabotaged you. How about aliens, or stealth Ninjas, or Samurais. Any of them also, right?

But don't let it dishearten you. Let not your heart be troubled. Your core fans will buy from the right source, and make sure the money gets to you. I even have grabbed mine off iTunes.

Next time, be sure to take total supervisory control of the petty parts of your business. It's an amazing album, and deserves to bring in a bank of money via sales.

I love you Wizkid. You give me Joy.

Joey Akan