Its Thursday, and we are throwing it back to the 1999 movie "Endtime."

A magic ring, Pastor Weaver, a money making church council, "End Time" is a classic that starred Nollywood veterans, and presented an interesting plot which would come off as 'controversial' in this 2016.

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A greedy Occultic Pastor is contracted by a group of Social Elites in a bid to make profit. Enjoying a life of splendour while carrying out his diabloic and deceitful deeds, he is unaware and totally not alerted to the dangers that awaits him.

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The movie which shot Clem Ohameze into limelight, also starred Zach Orji, Ashely Nwosu, Olu Jacobs, Jide Kosoko, Angela Phillips, Shan George, Florence Onuma, Okey Bakassi, Okechukwu Joseph among others.