Yesterday, May 30 was

The actress is popular for movies like "Bursting Out," "Champagne," "Don't Cry for Me," "Husbands of Lagos" among others.

Check out six things every fan should know about actress.

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1. The actress was born on May 30, 1980, to a military family in Ado Local Government Area, Benue State.

2. Peters is a graduate of Computer Science from Asman English School. She also studied TV and Film at Video Waves and Camera Film School.

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3. In 2002, the actress made her acting debut.

4. Susan Peters plays the character Aisha on the iRoko TV hit series "Husbands of Lagos."

5. In 2015, the actress made her debut as a producer with the movie "Don't Cry for Me."

6. On Saturday, October 10, the actress tied the knot with her Dutch boyfriend, Koen Croon, in Lagos.

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Happy birthday to the talented actress.