Episode six of "Power" season five - Changed Man? - aired on Sunday, and heres how Twitter reacted.

In the episode, Ghost finds out that Tasha and Angela have been working together to sabotage a police investigation.

He is in Angela’s apartment, nearly in tears, as he shares his pain and talk about his journey to becoming a better man.

When Angela is about confessing that she has been meeting with Tasha, the latter walks in. Ghost is in shock as his wife and former mistress update him on how much work they have put into making sure they don’t all go to jail for Ray’s murder.

Ghost meets with Dre for The Queens Child Project. During their meeting, he pulls him aside and proposes a truce. According to him, they would accomplish more working together than against each other.

We don’t get to see Dre accept his offer in the scene, but by the end of the episode, they have an agreement: Dre will take out Jason in exchange for Ghost’s killing Diego Jimenez.

When Ghost returns to the penthouse, he apologizes to Tasha for not being the husband he should be, but Tasha doesn’t belief the whole ‘I am a changed man” story.

When he asks her how knew she could trust Angela to help out, she says: “Because she still loves you.” Anyways, the next time Ghost visits Angela’s place, they share a passionate kiss.

And just when we all thought Tariq is becoming a better young man, he reunites with Kanan, who leads him into selling drugs at school.

It's his first drug deal, but we are sure it won't be his last.

Here's how Twitter reacted to the episode:

Ahead of its season five premiere, "Power" was renewed for a sixth season in March.

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