You must have heard about the movie "Wives on Strike," especially, if you're an active social media user. You probably have an actor, musician or celebrity who can't stop talking about the movie. You also should have heard that the movie grossed over 15 million Naira in just three days - that is obviously a record breaking number.

Did the movie really gross 15 million Naira? Is it possible for a Nollywood movie to gross such a huge amount in just three days? My answer would be yes, and I would be sharing three reasons why "Wives on Strike" was probably able to set such record.

"Wives on Strike" is the perfect movie for the 'I don't watch Nollywood movies" clan. I recently saw the movie with a colleague who belongs to the above mentioned clan. He got to work the next day, and recommended the movie to people at work. After such recommendation, I'm sure lots of people would go see the movie this weekend.

Also, the two screening halls were full, with people who really loved the movie. It's not that Nigerians are not interested in Nollywood, they just want something worth their time and money, and they probably found it in "Wives on Strike."

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Do I blame people who struggle to believe these figures? No! We don't have a box office system in Nigeria. In the UK and some other countries, a weekly box office report is always made available to the public - everyone knows how in different countries.

These days, almost all Nollywood movies have a way of setting a box office record. "Road to Yesterday," "The First Lady," "Taxi Driver" among other 2015 movies, all smashed box office records. We wake up and see tweets, and Facebook posts, and that's it, the movie is a hit!

You are also not the only one who think the figures are exaggerated at times. In 2015, a list of undefined, and a renowned filmmaker reacted, claiming that most producers inflate their cinema numbers to swindle investors.

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Back to how "Wives on Strike" probably made 15 whooping Naira in just three days.

1. It was an anticipated movie.

For starters, the movie had enough pre-release buzz. From the Chioma Chukwuka, Ufuoma McDermott, Omoni Oboli, Blessing Egbe and Uche Jombo fight to the my movie wasn't ripped off stunt, the movie was well known before its debut.


2. Have you seen its showing times nationwide?

Before the movie made its debut, Omoni Oboli announced that the movie would be having 290 shows in one week. If that doesn't sound like a big one to you, then I don't know what will. 290 viewing times in 12 cities is probably enough to get a hilarious and entertaining movie a record smashing 15 million in three days.

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3. The campaign/hustle game is everything.

'Meet and Greet' has to be the new way to get your movie to the top. It's not just about 'meeting and greeting' your 'fans.'  It's more about convincing them to see your movie. Let's not even pretend like we don't know that most Nigerians think they are not interested in Nollywood. Maybe the cinema culture is improving, but it could get better than this.

From Omoni to Uche Jombo, Chioma Chukwuka to Ufuoma McDermott, Kenneth Okonkwo, Julius Agwu, Kalu Ikeaguw, the cast have been to seven out of the above mentioned 12 cities.

They have been to Ondo, Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin, Warri and Port Harcourt. They met their fans, convinced them to see the movie, sold tickets, and saw the movie with them.

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Their social media pages has been all about the #WivesonStrike movement. The cast of movie even got the Governor of Ogun State to endorse the movie!!!

Let's say all the cities sold their tickets for a 1000 naira, that means 15,000 people saw the movie in 3 days. You can be rest assured that the above mentioned points (if carried out industriously) can earn any good movie a top spot in the box office chart.

If "Wives on Strike" grosses another 15 million naira per week in the next four months (hopefully, it stays as long as "Fifty" in the cinema), then the movie could make over 240 million naira. Mo Abudu's "Fifty" grossed over 400 million naira, a figure which most Nigerians are yet to accept.

After all said, "Wives on Strike" is an interesting comedy with a strong message. One you don't want to miss.