A new TV show that promises to provide deeper insights on national issues, has been born.

Aptly titled The Core, the show which debuts on Channels TV this month is anchored by experienced journalist and broadcaster, Kadaria Ahmed. The Core is a Channels TV and Daria Media joint production.

It will air from 8pm to 9pm on the first Wednesday of every month, beginning June 7th.

According to the producers of the show, "The Core was inspired by the need to have more indepth look into government policies and social issues and how they affect each and every one of us as citizens".

The first edition of The Core will examine The Petroleum Industry and Governance Bill and feature Senator Tayo Alasoadura, Chairman of Senate Committee on the Petroleum Industry and Governance Bill.

The Senator will be joined by a representative of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mr Femi Omotayo, MD/CEO of AOSOrwell. Members of the National Assembly, representatives from oil and gas companies, oil and gas labour unions, journalists, and civil society groups and others, will form part of the studio audience for the June 7th programme. Subsequent editions of the show will feature equally critical issues of national importance, with stakeholders in the relevant sectors bringing their expertise and experience to bear in positive and constructive discussions.