On last weeks episode of

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A new episode titled "Rise By Sin" aired on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, and we have put together five things that happened on the episode.

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1. Freda found out what Lucious did to her father all thanks to a drunk Carol, who showed up at the ASAs red carpet drunk, and spoke the truth.

2. Cookie found out that her sister Carol is dating a man who used to be a Chicago PD officer. It turns out the man is building a case against Lucious and Empire, with Anika giving him information on the Lyon family and Empire.

3. Before the ASAs,  Lucious and Jamal had a heated argument after Lucious walked in on Jamal and D-Money sharing an intimate moment. Lucious told Jamal he would be happy when he died of AIDS.

4. Freda attempted to shoot Lucious at the ASAs after she discovered he killed her father, Frank Gathers, but Jamal took the bullet for him.

5. Hakeem does not with the award for best rapper, and neither does Jamal nor Lucious win the award for song of the year.

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Watch a teaser for the episode below.