Nollwood actress, Doris Simeon whose marriage break-up has been linked to one of her colleagues, Stella Damasus, has declared an open war on the mother of two who has been living with Doris’ husband, DanielAdeminokan in the UnitedStates of America.

According to reliable sources, the hurting Doris has never stopped blaming Stella for stealing her man as well taking away her son who is living with his father and his mistress abroad.

The source informed that Doris has vowed to fight dirty in order to get her man and child back. The insider source said that Doris is battle ready and has promised to attack Stella Damasus anywhere she sees her.

Recall that the brouhaha started when Stella and Daniel had a business deal and had to move to Abuja and from there, the cracks in Doris’ marriage began to manifest.

There have been accusations and counter accusations being thrown about by both parties, with Daniel claiming that his ex-wife was actually sleeping around with other men and that he has moved on with his life.