Somebody say hallelujah! Some praise the Lord! The Lord is good...all the time! Jesus Christ has vindicated our ‘

Was it not two weekends that a blogger was in a war of words with Wizkid? Was it not two weekends that ‘they’ tried to shame him for reportedly leasing his cars and renting his mansion? Brothers and sisters it was this same month that ‘they’ said he had been evicted out of his mansion.

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See how the Lord has protected Wizkid from the shame they wanted to throw on him. On April 5, 2016 the hottest rapper in the world Drakefeatured Wizkid on his latest single ‘One Dance’ also featuring Kyla. The song is a single off Drake’s next album ‘’.

In one day Wizkid turned into a national hero and everyone forgot about his clash with Linda Ikeji. His feature with Drake is monumental not only for his career but for Nigerian music as well. This is huge and this big news for any blogger in Nigeria.

Unfortunately our Banana Island blogging blogger must have missed the big story the day it happened. Wizkid’s grouse with Linda Ikeji is that she never writes anything good about him. When the collabo with Drake came out Linda Ikeji did not put it up on her blog and the beef became obvious. I think she made a huge blunder by not doing this. If she had posted the news it would have vindicated her and people would have believed that she has nothing against Wizkid.

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Now Wizkid has been vindicated. It’s clear now that Linda Ikeji has a grouse with the pop star. Yes it is her blog and she can write whatever she likes but I think the best option for her is not to write on Wizkid or any other celeb she does not like instead of writing only about the negatives. There must be some sort of balance, blog or no blog.

As for Wizzy he comes out as the victor of his recent fight with Linda Ikeji. Yes his rant was childish and petty but with the Drake collabo and international record labels hot on his heels he is the man of the hour.

From what I have heard from the grapevine Wizkid is already moving into his new home so it’s not like the chap is broke.  Shout out to Wizkid for the huge feat. It's good to see that the shots taken at him have been in vein.